Best Gaming Mouse (wired & wireless) Reviews – October 2019

We have all see the mice of different categories as we all have been using the computer system almost in our daily lives. A mouse is basically an input pointing device which gives commands to the computer and at the same time it also works as a controlling system.

If you are a gaming lover then you must have already been aware with the Top gaming mice 2019, and in case if you are not aware then we are here to make you aware with that.
A gaming mouse is basically just like the normal computing mouse that we use with our computer systems but in the gaming mouse the same mouse comes with some additional features of gaming.It makes the mouse suited to the computers high end game playing along with the high intensity programming tasks. In short the gaming mouse can be used both for the normal computer pointing device and also for the gaming purpose.

The gaming mice are more expensive than the normal mice since they provide the users with beyond normal computing abilities such as the more taxing capabilities, the quicker reaction or the responsiveness and all that with a comfortable or smooth movement. This is what makes the gaming mice more expensive than the usual or regular computing mice.

If you are a game lover then it becomes very important for you to choose the best gaming mouse which can serve both the purpose of being the standard mouse and at the same time the computing mouse.

In the present scenario seeing the high gaming trend the market is flooded with the numerous gaming Wired mouse which makes it further more difficult to choose the ideal mouse for the gaming purpose.
The reason behind such difficulty is that the gaming mouse and the standard mouse comes as 2 in one integrated mouse since one mouse offers both abilities of playing the game and operating the computer. Hence it really becomes very difficult to check and assess the best wireless gaming mouses performance .If we technically speak then both the mice do the same job of computing or operating the computer as a pointing device but the gaming mice come with the better ergonomics and the gaming mice do any task with a higher level of accuracy than the regular standard mice.

Today in this article we are basically going to guide you through all the aspects that should be considered or kept in mind before buying a decent gaming mouse. So we would urge you to go through the whole topic step by step in order to have the best understanding about the gaming mice

Things keep in our mind to buy a gaming mouse

Being the game lover is a fun and a state of enjoying the particular gaming phase time. When it comes to have the best gaming mouse it becomes the responsibility of the gamer to choose the best gaming mouse which can meet out all the requirement of best gaming experience.

So, here in this section of the article we are going to tell you about some of the fundamental aspects or the points which should be kept in mind while buying a best gaming mouse

Types of Gaming Mice

Before you go for any of the desired mouse it is necessary for you to understand the types of mice. Since I don't think so, that anyone can make a rational choice for buying a best mouse unless the person is aware with all the type of mice.

When it comes to the advertising factor of any mouse a company advertises the mouse with a contention that a single mouse from their brand is capable enough of meeting all kind of tasks.In the reality and on the ground it is not the case and the best mouse which can actually meet out the user's requirements is actually the one which satisfies the user's way of playing the game

There is two kind of mouse one is MMO and other is FPS mouse. If you are someone who loves or most often plays the game being a single person then you should opt for the MMO mouse. On the other hand if you are someone who always tends to lean on their keyboard then the FPS mouse is the one for you.

If you don't know what kind of user you are then we suggest you to once play with both of the MMO and the FPS mouse to analyze which one is suiting your gaming schedule.

Here we are further categorizing the mice for your clear understanding towards them.

All Purpose Mice

All purpose mice are the mice which you are going to encounter in a most general way since they are the most used hence the demanded mice in the gaming and the computing industry.

The all purpose mice come in all the shape, size and the designs. The all purpose mice are made having the basic purpose in mind that these mice have to be used universally by all kind of the users. Hence these mice serve the Wide gaming mice requirements of both the MMO mice and the FPS mice.

So, if you are someone who is having the requirements of the versatile gaming mouse, then the all purpose mouse is the way to go for you. The prices of all purpose mice are also reasonable which do vary from one company to the other in accordance to their features and the technology aspects.

  • fpc mice
  • mmo mice
  • Rts mice
  • Customizable Mice

As the name sound the customizable mice are not the official mice which belong to the particular class of Best gaming mice. These mice are all round performing mice and due to that these mice are also addressed as the Ferrari mice which suits the gaming peripheral world.

The customizable mice are customized to meet out the specific gaming requirement of an individual and due to that these mice are on the expensive side but they are surely worth their price. These mice are recommended to you if you are someone who is a professional gamer and doesn't meet out on any of his/her favorite move then you should go for the customized mice.

After discussing the types of mice the second aspect which needs to be discussed is the price factor. Price is an important element of any gaming mice since most of us are the users who seek the best value of their money. Further it is not necessary than an expensive mouse would always be better as well.

Under 50$ Segment

This is the segment of mice where the Affordable gaming Mouse users belong to, and in this segment the mice of third tier companies make their place. In this price range you will get the mice with the limited DPI and the software option as the mice company does not offer much to this segment's users.Yet even with this price range you may happen to get something great such as Turtle Beach Grip which is having the price tag of just $40 on Amazon. Hence it becomes the matter of exploring the best brand which might be offering something worth being thankful for even in this price range.

Under 50$ to 100$ Segment

This is the segment where any serious gaming lover would love to be in. This is the price segment where almost all the mice brand offer better than the other brand in other words there is cut throat competition among the mice brand who are targeting the users of this segment.

Ultimately customer ends up getting the benefits of that competition. In this price range the users are offered with the excellent sensors, improved ergonomics, the Cheap gaming Mouse software and the decent designs. We would advise you to pick up any of the mice from this segment.

Above 100$

This is the segment where those gamers are found who are professional and tend to prefer the customisable mice. This is like a premium or the luxurious class of gaming mice in this Industry.

The users in this segment gets the best class of mice which come with the feature like palm rest, scrolling wheels in the back of the mouse and even the thumb buttons all these features make this segment a premium one.

You will get the mice in this class like ROCCAT NYTH and the RAZER's mice which offer the high preference of customization to the users.

Bells and whistle aspects

This is the segment where the other aspects of the mice are considered. It includes the playing style that the mice offer along with the grip and the price of the mice. It is also an important segment to be considered at the time of buying a gaming mouse.


It is the feature of mouse which relates to the forefront of the mouse. Presently all the mice come with the full time RGB lighting. This aspect although won't improve the gaming skills or the experience but it will surely help the users to keep up the various gaming profiles.

Laser sensors or the Optical Sensors

This is a matter of long debate among the Top gaming lovers and also in the gaming consoles experts. If we talk about the Laser sensor vs. the optical sensors then here is a bottom line. You can go for any type of sensor they both more or less work as same and provide almost same gaming experience to the users.


 Connectivity is the last and the foremost aspect in the gaming mice that should be considered with a careful note while buying the mouse. You should go for the mouse which offers the best syncing capabilities with your mouse, keyboard, headset or whatever next you want to sync up with.

Best Features a Gaming Mouse should have.

There is literally no such thing as a perfect gaming mouse since any Mouse may be rich with one feature and may compromise on the other. Yet we are here providing you some of the best and the most required features that a gaming should at least have.

  • A mouse should be wireless since we are living in a wireless technology and the gaming experience become richer when the mouse is wireless. It provides the gamer with a freedom to manoeuvre the mouse in any direction freely.
  • The design of the mouse should be matching to the outlook of the modern designs so that the mouse could look cool in the hands of the gamer while playing the game.
  • The sensors of the mouse should be highly responsive.
  • The mouse should be integrated with the wireless or the wired charging technology so that the mouse can be charged even while playing the games.
  • The grip of the mouse should be comfortable it must be fitted in the palm of the gamer so that the gaming session could be enjoyed even for the longest hours of gaming.
  • The weight of the mouse should be light so that it can make a balance between the positioning of mouse and pointing the object at the screen.
  • The software of the mouse should be latest and be offering the great tracking abilities to the gamers.
  • The ergonomics of the mouse should also be on the upper side.    

So, Guys finally we are here going to show you the complete details of top 10 best gaming mice, which we found are the best and value to money in our opinion. Go through all the gaming mice and then make your own research on them

1.Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming mouse

The first gaming mouse in our list is coming from the Logitech company which has a prominent name in the mouse industry. We understand that when you are indulged in enjoying your game then any kind of disturbance should not be tolerated and this is why we have put the Logitech G700s on the first spot in our list.This is a wireless mouse which obviously implies that you will not need any kind of USB cable to get connected to the computer system and then playing the game sticking to that place. That seems to be pretty boredom and also tiring but with this mouse you won't face or feel any bit of that. Since the mouse is wireless you can enjoy your games even from the distance with an utmost experience.
Gaming is the phase of the day when a person relaxes and any kind of unnecessary disturbance cam disrupt that relaxation even if there is power cut or the drainage of battery either of the computer system or of the mouse. Well with the Logitech you won't have to face any kind of battery drainage issue. Since this gaming remote comes with the on work charging option which means you can charge the mouse using the USB cable even if the battery is about to drain in the middle of the games.Hence its an best mouse for pc gaming you must consider it one in your choice.

This is such a classy mouse which is somewhat pricey but its price is real worth its payback experience. You can easily by this mouse from Amazon.

  • Features Logitech G700s
  • This mouse has both the wired and the wireless configuration and works with 8 times more speed than the standard mouse.
  • This mouse has the onboard memory which can store up to five users playing profiles.
  • The logitech mouse with buttons automatically gets changed to the data charging mode while you are playing the video games.
  • This game offers the laser accuracy for the windows games it may be windows 7,8 and so on series.
  • You will get 13 programmable controls with this mouse which offers the simple command just on a single click.
  • The mouse is operated on the 1AA battery and has the weight of 1.06 pounds.

Reviews Video here:

2. Steel series Sensei Laser Gaming Mouse

The second mouse in our ranking is coming from the Steel-series under the model name of Sensei. This mouse is having the Japanese technology and has been built just like a warrior which can stand up to any kind of task be it the normal use or the heavy gaming purpose.

Steel-series is known to be world's highest customizable mouse which can be customized in accordance to the user's requirements. This mouse is having the 32bit ARM processor, which allows or doubles the mouse sensitivity and you can easily configure this mouse with the help of LCD menu system which is inbuilt in this mouse.

  • Features  of Steel series
  • This Mouse delivers the users what they actually need cutting on the unnecessary features which only add on to the price of the mouse.
  • You can get this mouse in the glossy mouth and the anti sweat rubberized mouse in any of these textures and wireless steel series mouse
  • The mouse is having the feature of scaling the pointing speed from 90up to 5670 in the increment of 90 so that you just can be at the exact point.
  • This mouse is tangle free and due to that it is having a great durability.
  • With this mouse you can define your sensitivity, program the buttons and can create as many profiles as you want.
  • There is a CPI toggle with this mouse for the low and high sensitivity adjustments.

Reviews Video here:

3.RAZER Naga Chroma MMO Gaming Mouse

This is the third mouse in the list from the brand RAZER. The RAZER NAGA mouse is a MMO gaming mouse which comes in the multiple color choices and is best suited for the intense guild battles the late night raids gaming lovers.

This mouse is equipped with the 12 mechanical thumb grid buttons which offers the faster gaming actuations experience to the user with the tactile feedback. It is having the button which is designed in the concave shape which helps the users for the blind find focused in the game leading them to the victory every time.

There is tilt click scroll wheel in this mouse which helps the users in going left to right and up to down with a butter smooth experience. Since this is a MMO gaming mouse hence each and every button on this mouse has been customized to match the skillets of the users.

Below we are providing you with some of the major features of this mouse which will further assist you in making the complete a complete analysis of this mouse.

  • Features of RAZER NAGA
  • This Mouse delivers the users what they actually need cutting on the unnecessary features which only add on to the price of the mouse.
  • RAZER Naga is known to be world's precise gaming mouse which is having the sensors of 16000 DPI.
  • You will get 19 fully programmable buttons with this mouse in either case when you are playing the MMO games or using the mouse in a general way of computing.
  • You will also get the 12 buttons mechanical thumb grid which offers the users having the tactile feel and vibrating Mouse while playing the game.
  • There is improved ergonomics with this mouse which offers the complete fit to all size of hands of the users.
  • You will get 210 inches per second the acceleration of 50G.
  • The tracking speed of this mouse is 200/sec.
  • Weight of the mouse is 150 grams and is having the detachable wiring system.
  • This mouse is operated on the 1 lithium polymer battery.

Reviews Video here:

4.RAZER Death-Adder Chroma

This is another decent brand of gaming mouse in the list which is favored by the e-Sports athletes globally. This RAZER gaming mouse, has make its identity as one of the best gaming mice available across the world.

This mouse is having the differentiating ergonomics and the designs which operates with a butter smooth experience. The built quality of the mouse is rock strong and can be used by the users with an utmost aggression of playing the game.

This mouse is all in all embodied with all kind of best elements that are counted in the best gaming experience.

Below we are highlighting some of the major features and the specifications of this mouse which will help you in analyzing it further.

  • Features of RAZER Death
  • The mouse has been just perfectly designed in a way that can fit within your palm and further the ergonomics shape of this mouse provides the users with an utmost comfort while playing the game.
  • This mouse is equipped with the 10000 DPI optical sensors which makes this mouse capable of getting a movement speed of 200 inches/second with an acceleration of 50g.
  • The mouse has a chroma lighting along with the 16.8 million color options which is huge.
  • The mouse is having the utmost accuracy either you are playing with a low speed or the high speed gaming mouse will never disappoint you at the accuracy aspect.
  • You will also get the razer mechanical Mouse Sensitivity feature with this mouse.
  • The ergonomics of this mouse has been made with the rubber texture which is anti sweating and lets the users enjoy the game even in the hot atmosphere.
  • The weight of this mouse is 3.68 ounces and is operated on the 1AA battery.

Reviews Video here:

5.REDRAGON M901 High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse

This is another decent brand of gaming mouse in the list which is favored by the e-Sports athletes globally. This mouse from the brand RAZER has make its identity as one of the best gaming mice available across the world.

The another mouse in the list is coming from the REDRAGON brand and now this gaming mouse belongs to the wired gaming mice. It is a well designed and highly customizable wired mouse, which has been basically targeted to the exports gaming for the users who demand for the professional kind of gaming features.

This mouse is having the PMW3360 sensors, which offers an utmost accuracy and the pointing position to the gaming lovers. Further the Ergonomics of this mouse are on the comfortable side which offers highest dpi mouse butter smooth gaming experience for its users.

The weight of the mouse has also been kept on the balanced side so that the mouse doesn't feel heavy to the users and can make a handy grip in the palm of the users.This mouse has been personalized seeing the requirements of the users and is perfect for the long lasting gaming sessions with an utmost comfort for the users.

Below we are providing you some of the major features of this mouse.

  • Features of REDRAGON M901 Gaming Mouse
  • This Mouse delivers the users what they actually need cutting on the unnecessary features which only add on to the price of the mouse.
  • The mouse is having the anti skid scrolling wheel.
  • There is 18 programmable buttons with this mouse which have been fully optimized.
  • The polling rate of the high tech computer mouse is 1000hz
  • The acceleration rate of the mouse is 50g.
  • You will also get the gold plated connection for the USB set up.
  • There are 7 color MODS in this mouse with the breathing and the RBG lighting effects.
  • This mouse is having the 8×2.4 gram weight turning set.
  • The Teflon feet pads of this mouse makes it durable for the longer hours gaming session.
  • You can use this mouse with all the operating system versions of the windows be it 7,8 and so on.

Reviews Video here:

6.Corsair M65 pro RGB Backlit Gaming Mouse

This is a best laser gaming mouse and built with the technology that you need to integrate in your mouse in order to win all the gaming sessions. This mouse is very flexible that it can last up to longer hours of gaming in the palm of the game lovers also the built quality is also meant to be durable in the long run of usages.

The accuracy rate of this mouse is 12000 DPI which offers a very precise tracking and the positioning to the users. The aircraft aluminium frame of this mouse makes this mouse a very light weight, which makes the decent positioning balance with high class of durability factor.

There is also a advanced feature in this mouse which is called as weight tuning system. This feature set the center of gravity with the mouse and which offers a great playing style to the users with the maximum comfort.

Below are some of the major features of this mouse which you should take into the consideration.

  • Features Corsair M65 pro
  • The accuracy rate of this mouse is as high as 12000 DPI along with the gaming grade sensors.
  • The positioning and the tracking system of this game is very precise and to the point.
  • There is surface tuning utility in this mouse which optimizes the sensors precision along with the fast responsiveness to offer you a decent playing surface.
  • There is a sniper button feature in this gaming mouse which automatically matches the mouse speed with the demanded speed of the game.
  • The weight of this mouse is 5.9 ounces & affordable mouse
  • The mouse can be operated on the 1 lithium ion batteries.
  • The mouse is wireless 802.11a/b/g/n.

Reviews Videos Here:

7.UTECH Smart Venus 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse

This is indeed a very smart mouse and you will have the idea of that once you just have a look of it. This mouse has been built over the modern technology and definitely the outlook which is just awesome for this mouse.

This mouse is outfitted with the laser which is having the precision rate of 16400DPI and the sensor, which further shifts the balance between the keyboard and the mouse by its MMO optimized button.

It offers such a harmony between the mouse and the keyboard that the users get the maximum gaming experience out of it. This mouse offers the 5 savable profiles along with the 8 piece tuning set.

Below we are providing you the features or specifications of this mouse.

  • Features of  UTECH Smart Venus 16400
  • The mouse is made with the upgraded material which gives this mouse a frosted finish.
  • The mouse is having the multi language software which can work with many languages at a time.
  • This UTECH Smart Venus mouse is best for the professional gamers due to its 16400 DPI sensors accuracy,12000 FPS, and 1000 hz polling rate further makes it great.
  • The acceleration of this mouse is 30G which is having the avago sensor and the firm clicks.
  • The Teflon feet pad of this mouse is very comfortable and offers a decent gaming control along with its 12 side buttons.
  • There is a special setting switch button in the back of the mouse which offers the great command capabilities along with the maximum efficiency.
  • The weight of this mouse is 7.8 ounces and the mouse comes in the black color option.
  • The users get the 18 months warranty with this mouse and during this period if any of the issues are faced then the mouse can be returned to the company.

Reviews Video Here:

​8.Razor Death-Adder Elite mouse

Another gaming mouse in our list from the RAZER brand, due to its value of money aspect, this mouse is equipped with the grade optical sensor which is having the DPI of 1600 and tracking of 450 inches.

This mouse is based on the e-sports technology and undoubtedly it offers the world's fastest sensor, which redefines the meaning of accuracy at the accuracy rate of 99.4%.With this mouse you will surely end up getting the most of the precision and winning all the games that you might be playing.

  • Features of Razor Death
  • The ergonomics of this mouse have been designed in a shape that can perfect suit the palm of the users and renders them a best gaming experience with an utmost comfort.
  • The DPI of the optical sensor is 16000 which is best in this class.
  • The RAZER mechanical mouse switches of this mouse are durable up to 50 million of clicks.
  • This mouse is powered by the RAZER chrome and comes with 16.8 million customizable colors option.

Reviews Video Here:

​9. ASUS Republic of Gamers SPATHA Wired/Wireless Mouse

The last but not the least gaming mouse in the list is from the Asus. Asus took away all the headlines from the gaming mouse industry with the launch of their flagship gaming mouse SPATHA. SPATHA  mouse from Asus is more than a gaming mouse due to its build quality it is known as the marvel of gaming mice. Asus have used the magnesium alloy in the construction of this gaming mouse instead on the traditional material of the gaming mouse.

Below we are providing you the features of this mouse

  • Features of ASUS Republic 
  • This mouse is equipped with the 12 power buttons which can be programmed in the accordance to the requirements of the users.
  • This mouse offers the 8200 of maximum DPI to the users.
  • The design of the mouse is very beautiful which soothes the mind of the gamer.
  • It offers a great scope of Customizable mice to the users.
  • It perfectly and comfortably fits in the lap of the users and can be used for the longer hours of gaming session.
  • The RGB lighting adds more beauty to this mouse.

Reviews Video Here:


Conclusion is the hardest part of the article since it is the phase when we have to suggest a gem from the pearls and that is a matter of responsibility. Concluding a particular gaming mouse among the many is entirely a matter of discretion, and if you ask me to suggest the best gaming mouse among these it would be matter of my discretion.

I would suggest you only that mouse which i have found suitable to my personal interest and that might not suit your interest in case you are having the different interest.

I literally loved using the Logitech G700s rechargeable gaming mouse since it meet out almost all my requirements of having the best gaming experience.

Yet I would say to go through all the gaming mice in this list and make your own research on all of them, and then choose the one which you find can meet out your requirements of best gaming experience.



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